What Is an Introvert?

What Is an Introvert? #1
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TitleWhat Is an Introvert?
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Appreciate your local introvert! This video presents 10 interesting psychological facts and findings about introverts. Did you know that introverts have a high cortical arousal level meaning that they get overstimulated much more easily than extroverts, and hence need more alone time to balance out? Introverts brains also react the same way they view a flower compare to extroverts who’s brain light up more positively when viewing faces. Also, did you know another interesting fact about introverts speak more matter of factly and less likely to exaggerate compare to extroverts? Well, Psych2Go has done our best to compiled 10 interesting research about introverts. Hope you like this video!

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Voice over: Lauren Hopes
Script Writer and Animation by: Emma Schrederis

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